Scientific Committee



Panteleimon Ekkekakis, Professor at the Kinesiology Department, Iowa State University


Antonio Silva – Mendes, Trustee of the Board of the “Sport & Citizenship”, EU Think Tank, European Commission’s former Director of Youth and Sports

Kostantinos Karteroliotis, Professor UOA / SEFAA

Spyros Kleisas, Psychiatrist  

Alexandros Oikonomou, Psychologist, Msc on Mental Health, Scientific Director of EDRA

Ioannis Morres,  Post Doctorate Researcher, University of Thessalia

Komanthi Kouloutbani, Doctorate Student of University of Athens / SEFAA

Marianne Viberg, Physiotherapist, Medicine-free Clinique, Asgard University Hospital of North Norway

Chrysostomos Giannoulakis, Dr. of Sport Management